Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Feedback from El Salvador!

Adjuris Therapy is super excited to talk to Audrei Moffitt about her experience during her Medical Mission to El Salvador! Her and the rest of the team put together by Austin Smiles, helped almost 100 children in need of cleft lip & palate repairs!

Audrei says,

"Going with Austin Smiles to El Salvador was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I am so grateful to Adjuris, to Jeff and Shelley, for funding the trip so that my clinical supervisor and I could be a part of that trip. It was amazing to see the great work that Austin Smiles does to repair clef lips and clef palates. Being a part of their team to help with pre- and post- operative care was an incredible learning experience. I learned so much about the El Salvador culture and about my role as a speech-language pathologist within that population. From this experience, I am more confident with my screening and treatment skills as an SLP, with my Spanish speaking skills in a medical setting, and with myself as one striving to contribute positively to society. My life has been changed for the better from being apart of Austin Smiles' service trip to El Salvador. Jeff and Shelley with Adjuris-thank you so much for providing that opportunity!"